This page is for my international followers (Mark Owen included ;-)).
Here you can find all the blogs I wrote in English.
Hope you’ll enjoy.

Your Twisted Sister

Monday Blog 30 March 2020

Time for a new bloggie in English today! How is everyone handling the whole corona situation? I’ve decided not to watch the news anymore. If there is anything I need to know, I will find out anyway. Via a press conference, breaking news or my husband, who doesn’t get stressed so easily as I do.  … Lees verder Monday Blog 30 March 2020

Twisted Review of 2019

Photo by Prisca Visser. Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie. Another year down. What a rollercoaster it has been, especially the first half. A calendar full of amazing concerts, my son’s first communion, my very own book, meeting my childhood heroes, a lovely summer holiday in Bella Italia and meeting so many sweet and inspiring … Lees verder Twisted Review of 2019

Grinch Blog 26 December 2019

Aaaaand we’re done for another year. Whoohoo. No, I’m definitely not your Christmas Sister; I’m a Grinch and I’m not sorry for it. I’ve started to write this Christmas Blog on the 24th. Today it’s the 26th and this is the fourth time I start again. I’ve been trying to explain how I feel on … Lees verder Grinch Blog 26 December 2019


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